Mill Road Vision event – Space for People

7.30pm, 8 October, St Barnabas Church

The Cambridge City Council ‘Making Space for People‘ SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) consultation is an opportunity for the local community to share their views on how public space in the Mill Road area could be improved.

To help residents with their responses, Mill Road Summer is hosting a ‘visions’ workshop where local design and architecture firms will provide some visualisations to inspire discussion about ‘what next for Mill Road’.

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Download, print and share posters:
Mill Road Vision Poster_Black and White
Mill Road Vision Poster_Colour


Mill Road Stories – Pam and Susan from Fantasia

It’s time for another Mill Road Story! Pam and Susan met on the market a few years ago and now they run a boutique on Mill Road together. They sell an array of colourful and exciting clothes and accessories. In this video, they discuss what they love most about Mill Road. In light of the bridge closure, ‘we’ve made lemonade out of a lemon’, Pam says, as they look forward to an amazing summer full of events.

Also, pop in to Fantasia to pick up a Mill Road Mile Map, which shows you the great array of shops and businesses you can find here!

Mill Road Summer – Romsey Update

It’s been a tough few weeks with the closure of the Mill Road Bridge to cars, the disruption from the gas works and the devastating fire at H Gees.

Notwithstanding this, we are cheered by the way our Mill Road Community is rallying. We are optimistic and excited by ideas and contributions received from individuals, traders and local groups to make Mill Road more vibrant than ever over the coming weeks.

Here is our Mill Road Summer Update (19 July) on what we’ve done and what we plan to do. We will also be printing this letter and distributing it to traders and community groups along Mill Road over the coming days.

Our key message… We’re here to support the local residents, traders and groups with events and activities to make Mill Road more vibrant than ever. So please, send in those proposals for financial support!



Mill Road Stories – The Baptist Church and Rev. Gilson

Rev. Gilson Gwendu is the minister at Mill Road Baptist Church. In the third of our Mill Road Stories Gilson discusses the work that his Church does to support people and make them feel welcome. Gilson also expresses his deep love for Mill Road and celebrates the diverse community who live and work here. He welcomes anyone and everyone to come down to his Church and the rest of Mill Road. According to him, Mill Road is the best part of Cambridge!